All workshops and training are practical with participants learning safe manual handling techniques they can utilise in their workplace. Each of these training programmes can be customised or tailored to your workplace or workshops, on completion of workshops participants receive a certificate.

To enquire about the next course date or for a customised course to meet your organisations requirements further contact Marion at

LOADS Manual Handling Training

This training is applicable for all industries with practical application of risk assessment and safe manual handling principles inline with the Manual Handling Code of Practice. Practical scenario’s are incorporated in training which enhances learning and encourages the transfer to the workplace. Training can be customised to specific workplace tasks.

1-day Healthcare Refresher Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed as a follow-up to the two-day manual handling in healthcare workshop. It is designed for those who have completed the two-day workshop or similar with-in the past two years.

This workshop includes:

  • Update on manual handling world and latest techniques
  • revision of manutention principles and manual handling methods
  • practical revision of specific techniques
  • problem solving scenario’s
  • guidelines for planning and delivering training sessions

2-day Manual Handling in Healthcare Workshop

This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to manual handling techniques. It is designed for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing staff and any others involved in the manual handling of people.

This workshop includes:

  • How to identify, assess and control risk factors in the manual handling of people with application
  • Moving and Handling People: the New Zealand guidelines 2012
  • Patient transfers using a range of equipment and techniques including slide-sheets, transfer belts and hoists
  • Problem solving scenario’s
  • Injury prevention
  • Health and Safety in Employment

Customised Training Programmes

We offer customised training programs designed for your workplace requirements. These are task specific and highly practical.